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WeR@Home self-managed security, safety, and home automation solution to be featured at IFSEC
Tel Aviv – 31 May 2018 – Essence, a leading global provider of security and connected living solutions, has announced a new revenue-sharing module as part of its WeR@Home safety, security and management suite. The important addition to the WeR@Home platform allows non-service companies to be part of Essence’s Partner Program and enjoy the benefits of a service-based economy.
The new revenue-sharing program allows security distributors, installers, and even retailers to enjoy recurring revenues from the exploding connected-home market. The Essence WeR@Home’s end-to-end management and feature set provide immediately profitable solutions for non-monitored security companies such as distributors, as well as intelligent self-monitored home-management services for other verticals including telcos, utilities, and insurance.
WeR@Home delivers a complete home safety, security, and management system, providing the back-end support needed with the latest technologies consumers demand – voice, mobile control, and complete remote management.
WeR@Home’s mobile app together with voice commands via Google Assistant, which was launched at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, are the heart of the system.
WeR@Home customers can use Google Assistant via their phones or voice-activated speakers. Meanwhile, the app’s intuitive user interface delivers full control from any screen, anywhere. 
The WeR@Home Smart Living system provides everything from security to full home automation. The platform has recently added some innovative features that that improve security and user experience. Resident Alarm Verification allows customers to send immediate intrusion verification via the app, improving the security experience. 
“This will be our fifth consecutive year exhibiting at IFSEC,” said Ronnie Nir, Division GM, Essence Smart Living. “We always relish the opportunity to show off our new innovations and demonstrate how we create revenue for our partners. Visitors will be able to get a live remote demo to see all the system’s capabilities, including using voice commands.” 
Essence will be featuring its WeR@Home smart-home solutions and its voice control features at IFSEC International 2018, London ExCel, 19-21 June, stand #E510.
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