CAP-XX announced it has developed the industry’s first 3V thin, prismatic supercapacitors. CEO Anthony Kongats will cover the new development in a paper he is presenting on 12th April at the IDTechEx conference in Berlin.
The company will deploy its 3V technology first in thin, prismatic form to meet the demand from manufacturers of thin wearables and other space-constrained IoT devices for a smaller, less expensive solution than 2.7V thin prismatic supercapacitors provide.
The 3V supercapacitors will support 3V coin cell batteries, which need peak power support for transmission. CAP-XX will handle those power bursts, and eliminate the cost of the LDO voltage regulator traditionally required to step the voltage down to 2.7V, so designers can place the supercapacitor directly across a 3V battery without the intermediary LDO.
Later, the company will integrate its 3V technology into its larger prismatic supercapacitors and modules for high-power applications such as automotive.
The complete press release and visuals: