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At this year’s event, which is co-located with the 2019 Electric & Hybrid Vechicle Technology Expo, AVX will introduce attendees to the company’s extensive portfolio of innovative, high-performance, & high-reliability passive & electromechanical power component solutions for next-generation battery applications


FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. (August 22, 2019) – AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced electronic components and interconnect, sensor, control, and antenna solutions, is showcasing its vast portfolio of innovative, high-performance, and high-reliability passive and electromechanical power components for advanced battery applications at The Battery Show 2019, which is taking place September 10–12 in Novi, Michigan, along with the 2019 Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo. AVX and subsidiary AB Elektronik will be onsite at Booth #2049 to introduce attendees to the unique features and benefits of an extensive range of both new and proven power component solutions for next-generation battery applications extending across the automotive, transportation, consumer, industrial, and medical markets, including tantalum, ceramic, and power film capacitors, supercapacitors, battery connectors, circuit protection devices, sensors, and controls.


Widely recognized as North America’s largest and most comprehensive advanced battery manufacturing industry event, The Battery Show provides attendees with expert insight into the latest battery designs, materials, manufacturing technologies, and applications. This year’s three-day conference, combined with the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, will feature two distinguished keynotes, more than 700 exhibitors, multiple networking opportunities, and more than 72 hours of educational programming, including in-depth technical sessions, intensive workshops, and thought-leader roundtables extending across eight conference tracks dedicated to topics including battery design and manufacturing, advanced battery materials, stationary power, electric and hybrid vehicle (EV and HEV) components, and advancements in EV/HEV designs and charging infrastructure.


“This year marks our inaugural exhibition at The Battery Show, so we’re very much looking forward to engaging with new and potential customers we may not see at other industry events and introducing them to our expansive selection of innovative, high-performance, and high-reliability power components that can help inspire and enable more efficient and more powerful battery technologies and the next-generation applications that rely on them,” said Alex Schenkel, senior vice president of global sales, AVX.


AVX exhibition highlights include an array of both new and proven passive and electromechanical power components capable of providing next-generation battery technologies with the safe, high-power, and high-reliability performance they demand in the smallest and lightest packages possible.


Its new TACmicrochip Series® tantalum capacitors have the lowest-profile of any 3216-footprint tantalum capacitor currently on the market; are available in 11 case sizes with footprints spanning 1005 to 3528, heights ranging from 0.5–1.5mm, capacitance values spanning 0.10–150μF, and voltage ratings spanning 2–25V; and are especially ideal for coupling/decoupling in industrial, handheld, and wearable electronics.

Its new TransGuard® VT Series multilayer varistors (MLVs) are the industry's first MLV transient voltage suppression (TVS) devices rated for 175°C operation, are qualified to AEC-Q200, and deliver both reliable bidirectional overvoltage protection and broadband EMI filtering in high-temperature automotive applications with zero derating across the entire operating temperature range.

Its AEC-Q200-qualified F9H Series tantalum capacitors deliver high reliability and high volumetric efficiency in high-temperature automotive and industrial applications and offer the industry’s highest CV/cc in a high-temperature 1206 tantalum capacitor: a 10μF/16V rating.

Its TRJ Professional Series tantalum chip capacitors are available in 15 EIA cases sizes with extended operating temperature (-55ºC to 200ºC) and voltage (2.5V to 50V) ranges to better accommodate automotive and industrial designs with limited height and space requirements.

Its TRM Professional Series multianode, ultralow-ESR tantalum capacitors offer a broad range of case sizes to address the demands of an ever-expanding scope of high-reliability, harsh-environment power filtering and storage applications in the automotive, military, medical, aerospace, and industrial markets.

Its FHC1 and FHC2 Series power film capacitors smooth and filter current and voltage variations and prevent ripple currents from reaching power sources to protect high-power-density inverters in automotive, industrial, alternative energy, medical, mil/aero, communications, and consumer electronics applications.

Its SCC Series supercapacitors and SCM Series supercapacitor modules combine very high capacitance with very low ESR and long-lifetime performance of 50,000+ cycles to achieve excellent pulse power-handling characteristics and can be used alone or in conjunction with primary or secondary batteries in the hold-up, energy harvesting, and pulse power circuits of various industrial, consumer, and telecom applications.

AVX also offers one of the broadest standard selections of battery connectors available on today’s market, all of which employ high-reliability and -durability beryllium copper contacts, offer both horizontal and vertical configurations, and are ideally suited for both board-to-board connections and battery pack integration. Selections on exhibition at The Battery Show 2019 include:


Its 9155-700 Series 2mm-pitch right angle board-to-board battery connectors, which are rated for 125VAC, up to 2A, and 5,000-cycle durability and provide miniaturized, mechanically stable, high-integrity connections in harsh environment applications subject to high shock and vibration, including handheld and portable devices that require dock or cradle charging, patient monitoring devices and other portable medical electronics, industrial programming modules, point of sale (POS) terminals, and a broad range of IoT devices.

Its 9155-800 Series vertical-mate, 2mm-pitch battery connectors, which have a low profile, deliver excellent electrical and mechanical performance for more than 5,000 mating cycles, and are especially designed to prevent end-users from damaging the contacts in electronic devices with pluggable modules that vertically mate with a base unit.

Its ruggedized, single-piece 70-9155 ultra-low-profile (ULP) board-to-board (BTB) compression contacts, which provide full connector performance, enhanced designed flexibility, and maximum reliability and signal integrity in a broad range of harsh-environment applications.

Additional AVX expo highlights include a selection of intelligent sensor systems and control units from AB Elektronik — an AVX Group Company that regularly establishes benchmarks for temperature, pressure, quality, speed, position, and reliability and offers a wide range of standard and state-of-the-art custom designs aimed at reducing emissions, making vehicles safer and more efficient, and easing the transition to electromobility — and a sneak preview of two new highly anticipated, high-performance circuit protection solutions scheduled for release later this year/early 2020: the new TransGuard® Automotive VGAH Series High-Temperature, Glass-Encapsulated Multilayer Varistors (MLVs) and the new VLAS Series Low-Clamp TransGuard® Automotive MLVs.


For more information about AVX, please visit Booth #2049 at The Battery Show 2019, navigate to www.avx.com, email inquiry@avx.com, follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter, like them on Facebook, call 864-967-2150, or write to One AVX Boulevard, Fountain Inn, S.C. 29644.


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