Berlin, 10 September 2019 – Today, the Future of Mobility is beeing discussed at the convention SHIFT in Berlin. With start-ups, technology giants, automobile manufacturers and urban planners coming together to explore how the latest technologies and forward-looking mobility concepts will change the way we live, work and drive.


"The Internet of mobility. We see our cities seeking new solutions. Micro mobility is here to stay. Nothing new. Micro mobility is a critical part of our travel system. We need these solutions in our cities . It increases the quality of life in the city. Let’s get our act together and solve our tasks on ground level. I believe there is a big roll for automatous vehicles. I believe Europe has it right. They design their cities right. 5g is going to have some impacts on mobility and connect cities much more."

Boyd Cohen, CEO & co-founder, iomob


"Nations all over realise something has got to change when it comes to mobility. We have to find smarter ways. The digital transformed society has many opportunities to help us make the change, but we are not going to be able to solve social problems with technology."

Venkat Sumantran, Chairman, Celeris Technologies


"This revolution is coming. We need a revolution to solve the climate challenge. It could drive to a stable planet, we have to make sure as soon as possible it drives us to a sustainable path."

Owen Gaffney, Global sustainability writer & analyst, PIK - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research


"As a psychologist I can say we have to deal with an unsolvable problem. Capitalism was extremely successful. It improved millions of lives. Increases in income, education etc. But we have a problem that in the 21st it won’t be possible to follow this path based on growing economies. People don’t act on data , that act on feelings."

Harald Welzer, Director, FUTURZWEI


"Vive la car. Mobility is a basic need. We don’t want to be limited. We want to keep the lifestyle we use to have. The 21st century is characterised by a mobility."
Florine von Caprivi, CSO, Vive la Car GmbH