ointly Promote Technical Development and Service Deployment of the SoftSIM Solutions 


TOKYO—October 17, 2019—Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, TSE1:3774) and Links Field Networks Limited (Headquarters: Hong Kong, President and CEO: Simon Wong, Links Field Networks) today announced that they have made a master agreement signed today to form a strategic alliance to expand the SoftSIM business. Based on this agreement, the two parties collaborate with each other and jointly promote the technical development and service deployment of the SoftSIM solutions for IoT device manufacturers, aiming to further develop the IoT business in the Japanese market.


Advantages of SoftSIM


SoftSIM stores a communication profile in a specific area of ​​the communication module, and can connect to the mobile network just like a physical SIM. It is possible to rewrite the communication profile using OTA (Over the Air: a function that can write and erase SIM data via mobile communication). Since no physical SIM is required, the number of parts can be saved and the board size can be minimized. Furthermore, it helps more robust design for IoT devices against external environmental fluctuations such as vibration, temperature, and humidity. This feature makes it ideal for tough conditions such as outdoor-use, and in-vehicle fields. Using in foreign countries, the communication profiles of the local carriers can be used by OTA.


Background of Business Alliance


Links Field Networks is a leading SoftSIM solution company that develops integrated platform services and network management services for IoT globally. On the other hand, IIJ, Japan's first “full MVNO”, offers SoftSIM for IoT applications only in Japan. The two companies have previously cooperated in providing SoftSIM solutions to customers, but in order to respond to the growing demand in the IoT market, agreed to strengthen collaboration and jointly promote the provision of SoftSIM solutions for operators who provide stronger IoT devices and communication modules. 


Business Alliance Details


With the alliance, IIJ and Links Field Networks develop “SoftSIM Solution” and promote following items.


1.  Joint development of SoftSIM in Japan


2.  Provision of communication profiles required for SoftSIM


3.  Cooperation for providing SoftSIM to communication module products


4.  Joint procurement of global communication profiles


5.  Joint development of SoftSIM provision in foreign countries


SoftSIM Solution Developed with the Alliance


IIJ communication profiles are implemented in the communication module with built-in SIM function by OTA via the RSP (* 1) platform of Links Field Networks. Communication modules and connection services are provided to customers by IIJ.


(* 1) RSP: Remote SIM Provisioning. A function to rewrite SIM data via mobile network.