low power 相关的设计资料,挺有用的

Leakage power dissipation grows with every generation of CMOS process technology. This leakage power is not only a serious challenge to battery powered or portable products but increasingly an issue that has to be addressed in tethered equipment such as servers, routers, and set-top boxes.To reduce the overall leakage power of the chip, it is highly desirable to add mechanisms to turn off blocks that are not being used. This technique is known as power gating.
Section two describes power gating from an RTL design perspective. This chapter provides an overview of power gating. The following chapters continue with descriptions of how to implement power gating at the RTL level, the power gating strategies used on the SALT chip, and the architectural implications of power gating. Our focus is how RTL designers can design power gating implementations in as technologyindependent and portable a manner as possible.