StarFive 于 2021 年 1 月 13 日,在上海金茂君悦酒店举行新产品发布会,重磅发布 2021 年首款产品。VIC7100 是一颗 U74 Dual-Core 64-bit RV64GC ISA SoC,并发布单板计算机开源硬件 Beagle(星光)。



如下是关于 Beagle board 的规格,具体评测信息将陆续为大家公开。

Beagle Board


  1. BeagleVTM is the first affordable RISC-V computer designed to run Linux. It is fully open-source with open-source software, open hardware design and RISC-V open architecture. 
  2. BeagleVTM is powered by RISC-V SiFive U74 Dual-Core 64-bit RV64GC ISA SoC running at 1.5GHz with 4GB/ 8GB LPDDR4 RAM variants and has rich I/O peripherals such as USB 3.0 ports, 40 pin GPIO header, Gigabit Ethernet Connector, Micro-SD card slot and much more.
  3. BeagleVTM also has rich AI features with Neural Network Engine and NVDLA Engine. It has onboard audio and video processing capabilities and has MIPI-CSI and MIPI-DSI connectors for video hardware.
  4. It has wireless capabilities with Wi-Fi and BLE and has a wide software compatibility including support for FreeRTOS and Linux (Debian, Fedora).
  5. You can use Seeed Fusion service to customize BeagleVTM according to your application and then move on to mass production.


  1. Truly open-source hardware, software and RISC-V open architecture
  2. Powerful and rich AI features with Neural Network Engine and NVDLA Engine • Abundant I/O peripherals
  3. Wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi and BLE
  4. Onboard video and audio processing
  5. Wide software compatibility (FreeRTOS and Linux (Debian, Fedora))
  6. Integrated with Seeed Fusion Service for customization and mass production



什么是 RVBoards 开源软件生态?

  • RVBoards 开源软件生态的目标是为 RISC-V 体系提供可靠的、高性能的、可持续发展的开源基础软件和建设开发者社区。
  • RVBoards 开源基础软件主要包括三部分:RISC-V Computing Library(简称 RVCL), OS kernel, AI platform。
  • RVBoards 开源软件将努力获得行业的广泛认可,发展成为 RISC-V 行业统一的开源软件生态。

什么是 RVBoards?

  • 是采用 RVBoards 开源基础软件的所有 RISC-V 板级硬件系统的统称。
  • 我们并不制定任何板级硬件技术标准,只是赋能 RISC-V Boards。
  • 我们鼓励芯片公司 / 方案公司 / 制造商研发与生产各种 RISC-V 开源硬件,在获得基础软件授权后冠以 RVBoards 名称,也欢迎通过 RVBoards 生态进行推广、销售。