A good mix of both stock-listed chemical producers and small startups use the e-marketing site Marketplace to advertise sustainable chemicals
Marketplace and CleanGredients, the definitive database of market-ready chemical ingredients pre-approved to meet U.S. EPA’s Safer Choice standard, enter a partnership
ChemSec’s e-marketing platform for sustainable chemistry – Marketplace – is growing. Only a year into the development cycle, the first 50 advertisements for safer chemical alternatives are now online.
A wide range of stakeholders in the chemical space recognizes the Marketplace’s potential, including the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), the Swedish Government and Green Chemistry leaders in the USA. 
The business-to-business platform currently boasts everything from non-toxic water repellents for textiles to safe flame-retardants and alternative chrome plating.
“There is a large diversity of safer chemistry on the platform; something we know is in high demand by brands and retailers worldwide looking to substitute toxic chemicals in products and supply chains”, says Jerker Ligthart, Marketplace Project Manager.
Among the many companies that have advertised their sustainable products on Marketplace are stock exchange listed companies like Chemours, Clariant and Huntsman. But the Marketplace is not exclusive to large, multinational companies – there are opportunities for smaller companies too.
“It is very inspiring to see start-ups coming up with new solutions without hazardous chemicals. Take the company Acticell, for example, who developed the new bleaching technology LB3 for denim fabrics that makes hazardous chemicals like potassium permanganate redundant. Advertising on Marketplace is a great way for them to increase visibility and potentially attract new investments”, says Jerker Ligthart.
ChemSec are also excited to announce a first partnership agreement with the non-profit GreenBlue, parent organization to CleanGredients – the definitive database of market-ready chemical ingredients pre-approved to meet U.S. EPA’s Safer Choice standard. This cooperation will allow CleanGredients’ users to market their products on Marketplace and further increase the visibility of Marketplace and CleanGredients in both Europe and the US.
Background information:
The Marketplace – initiated by non-profit ChemSec – represents a new way to market safer alternatives and green chemistry solutions online. Currently free-of-charge for early adopters, Marketplace creates a positive impact for businesses and innovation by increasing awareness of safer alternatives. Marketplace is the one-stop shop for manufacturers and retailers looking to substitute hazardous chemicals in products and supply chains.