QorIQ Qonverge B4860概述

The QorIQ Qonverge B4860 device is a multistandard wireless base station system-on-chip (SoC) based on 28 nm process technology.The B4860 reduces overall power consumption for high-end wireless macro base stations to deliver the industry’s highest performance solution. The multicore SoC includes 10 programmable cores based on a StarCore flexible vector processor (FVP), 64-bit Power Architecture cores, as well as CoreNet and Multi-Accelerator Platform Engine (MAPLE)


technologies. The B4860 targets broadband wireless infrastructure and builds upon our proven success of existing multicore SoCs and DSPs in wireless infrastructure markets. The B4860 is designed to adapt to the rapidly changing and expanding standards of LTE (FDD and TDD), LTE-Advanced and WCDMA, as well as provide simultaneous support for multiple standards.


Layer 1 is implemented using a mix of StarCore SC3900FP high-performance FVP cores and the MAPLE baseband accelerator platform, which provides a highly efficient hardware implementation of standardized algorithms for each of the air interface standards in single and multi-mode operations. Layer 2 and transport processing are implemented using a mix of   e6500 64-bit dual threaded Power Architecture cores, data path and security accelerators.


QorIQ Qonverge B4860框图


图1.QorIQ Qonverge B4860框图


The B4860 is perfectly suited to meet theperformance demands of wireless operatorsfor LTE, WCDMA and LTE-Advanced macrobase stations. It includes a combination of fullyprogrammable StarCore FVP cores, PowerArchitecture cores and powerful basebandacceleration to provide cost-effective, bestin-class performance, power efficiencyand connectivity. With four dual-threadede6500 64-bit cores operating at up to 1.8GHz and six SC3900FP DSP cores at up to1.2 GHz, the B4860 provides the requiredprogrammable performance. Additionally,the MAPLE hardware accelerators targetprocessing of baseband functions, such as FEC decoding and encoding, FFT, PDSCH and PUSCH embedded data flows, WCDMA chiprate and MiMO equalization, allowing base station manufacturers to deliver higher throughputs, lower latencies and better spectral efficiency.


While the four Power Architecture cores offer industry-leading processing capacity and a major leap in available processor performance for layer 2 and layer 3 in many throughput-intensive, packet-processing networking applications, raw CPU processing power is not enough to achieve multi-Gb/s data rates. To address this, the B4860 uses Freescale Data Path Acceleration Architecture (DPAA), which significantly reduces data plane instructions per packet and enables more CPU cycles to work on value-added services rather than repetitive low-level tasks. Combined with specialized accelerators for cryptography and pattern matching, the B4860 allows the user’s software to perform complex packet processing at high data rates.


The B4860 offloads performance and latencycritical layer 1 functions to MAPLE-B3, which integrates highly optimized and flexible accelerators. The smart partitioning introduced in B4860 provides an excellent balance between OEM intellectual property, hardwired accelerators and algorithms implemented on the fully programmable StarCore FVP and is highly efficient in terms of power dissipation and silicon area utilization.


QorIQ Qonverge B4860特性


  • Integrated processor cores and accelerators for layer control and transport processing
    •   Four e6500 dual-threaded, 64-bit Power Architecture cores
      • Dual threading with simultaneous multi threading (SMT)
      • 128-bit AltiVec SIMD unit
      • 40-bit physical addressing
      • Fully featured MMU with a 1024-entry eight-way set-associative cache
      • Core virtualization supporting hypervisor and logical to real address translation
      • Clustered L2 cache allowing strict allocation or full sharing
      • Hardware support for L1 and L2 cache coherency
      • DPAA (frame manager, queue manager, buffer manager) for IP packed acceleration
      • Security protocol accelerators: SNOW-3G, Kasumi, ZUC, IPSec, DES, 3DES, AES, MD5,
      • SHA-1/2, HMAC
  • Integrated DSP cores and baseband accelerators for
  • layer 1 processing   
  • Six StarCore SC3900FP FVP programmable cores
    •   - Up to 32 MAC/cycle of 16-bit and up to 16 FLOP/cycle
    •   - Eight instructions per cycle
    •   - Up to eight data lanes vector in a single instruction (SIMD8)
    •   - State-of-the-art support for control code with branch prediction
    •   - Fully featured memory management unit and logical to real address translation
    •   - Clustered L2 cache allowing strict allocation or full sharing
    • - Hardware support for L1 and L2 cache coherency
  • MAPLE baseband accelerators
  • FEC accelerators for LTE, LTE-Advanced and WCDMA

Turbo decoder with rate de-matching and HARQ combining

  • Turbo encoder with rate matching
  • Viterbi decoder



  • MiMO equalizer MMSE-based supporting IRC, SIC and PIC
  • Matrix inversion and multipliation
  • PUSCH data path embedded flow
  • PDSCH data path embedded flow
  • WCDMA/HSPA+ chip rate and path search
  • CRC

CoreNet: Internal cache coherent switch fabric enabling full cache coherent system

wo DDR-3/3L controllers: 64-bit, 1.867 GHz (each with 512 KB L3 cache)

ECC support for on-chip and off-chip memories

High-speed interfaces multiplexed into 16 SerDes 10G ports

Two 10G/2.5G/1G Ethernet controllersFour 2.5G/1G Ethernet controllers

IEEE 1588v2 support

Two x4 Serial RapidIO controllers 5G (Gen II)

Eight CPRI v4.2 controllers 9.8G

Four-lane PCI Express 5G (Gen II)


Eight Aurora: Tracing/debug

  • Trust architecture with secure boot
  • One serial port interface (eSPI)
  • One eSD/eMMC interface
  • One IFC: 16-bit integrated NAND/NOR flash controller or general-purpose interface
  • One USB 2.0 interface
  • Four I2C Interfaces
  • Four UART ports
  • 182 32-bit timers
  • 44 general-purpose I/Os



  • Development tools from Freescale and partners
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Compilers
  • Debuggers
  • Profiling, critical code analysis, call tree, trace points
  • Nexus trace viewer, code viewer, performance view, trace analyzer
  • Scripting for post-process trace and performance data
  • Register analyzer
  • Device and core simulators
  • Operating systems
  • BSP and device drivers
  • B4860QDS board: Software and reference application development system
  • Freescale’s optimized software reference libraries for LTE and WCDMA layer 1 PHY functions    General
  • 1020-pin FC-PBGA package, 1 mm pitch
  • Core voltage: VID
  • I/O voltage: 1, 1.2, 1.35, 1.5, 1.8 and 2.5 nominal
  • Industrial temperature range
  • 12.3 MB internal memory
  • Debug ports: Test access port and boundary scan architecture compliant with IEEE Std.
  • 1149.1,1149.6 and Nexus IEEE-ISTO 5001 trace support
  • Lead-free ROHS compliant


摘 要:QorIQ Qonverge B4860片上系统适用于新一代多标准无线基站。B4860基于28纳米工艺技术,吞吐量和容量达到无以伦比的水平,不仅具有高效、高性能可编程内核,还 配有应用专用加速器,实现最佳的性价比。它专门针对宽带无线通信基础设施的宏蜂窝基站设计,采用我们已经成功应用于无线基础设施的多核CPU和DSP。


飞 思卡尔在发布其QorIQ Qonverge小蜂窝系列一年后,又推出了B4860产品,作为共享相同架构并跨小蜂窝到大蜂窝的首个多标准产品组合。 QorIQ Qonverge软件兼容的片上基站产品组合基于一个通用的架构,在单芯片上集成了Power Architecture微处理器,StarCore数字信号处理器和无线加速技术。