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SATA-6-Gb/s-SSD for demanding industrial- & NetCom applications
Bronschhofen, Switzerland. July 16, 2019 – 3D-NAND-based SSD’s are common in consumer markets. Swissbit is now pleased to introduce a range of 3D-NAND-SSD products that are specifically optimized for demanding industrial- and NetCom applications. The X-75-range includes product versions with 2.5” housing, as well as m.2-, SlimSATA- and mSATA-modules.
Storage solutions specialist Swissbit has specifically fine-tuned its firmware to meet the requirements of industrial and NetCom companies. The firmware architecture, new features as well as the extensive product qualification and 100% final testing with long-term availability make X-75 an ideal SSD for applications such as automation, medical technology, industrial PCs, data-logging and NetCom-system boot-mediums.
Industrial 3D-NAND
This new family of industrial SATA-6-Gb/s-SSDs uses Toshiba BiCS3 NAND, specified and pretested to operate between -40 and 85°C, and Flash-controllers that support an impressive 165-bit-LDPC error correction. The 2.5” device has a tough die cast metal housing, which improves thermal behavior and stable performance. The robust and highly reliable products therefore conform to the demanding industrial temperature range of -40 to 85°C.
The 2.5” SSDs from the X-75 family will be available from 60GB to 2TB and are specified for both commercial and industrial temperature grades. Customers benefit from the longevity and attractive price points offered by the X-75 solutions while retaining the broad feature set of Swissbit’s popular X-60 range.
Designed for Endurance
The SSD range offers capacities from 240GB to 2TB and uses a direct TLC write mode without SLC cache, which reduces Write Amplification Factor (WAF) and maintains a high sustained write data rate. The firmware achieves maximum endurance out of the 3000 P/E cycles specified for the 3D-NAND components. The use of SLC-Cache for the 60 and 120 GB X-75-drives further improves top performance.
Swissbit’s Data Care Management with background scan, Near Miss ECC, and complete protection of internal data paths (E2E DPP - End-to-End Data Path Protection) offers additional safety against data loss. The firmware applies an efficient Block RAID for all drives, which allows recovery of full page fails.
3D-NAND-SSD with optional security features
As an option, the drives support AES256 encryption and TCG-OPAL-2.0 access protection. Furthermore, Swissbit’s Lifetime Monitor shows highly detailed information about the current lifetime status of the device.
“As a specialist for storage and security solutions for demanding industrial, IoT, IIoT and NetCom applications we continue to add security features to our latest 3D NAND SSD product, thus offering a highly reliable and easy-to-integrate product for industrial-strength applications”, says Grady Lambert, General Manager Swissbit NA Inc.
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