Rainie cut hair with new hair modelling appeared quite after acclaimed, fight again self and challenge the limit, wear a fiery dance outfit filming "the decade have cheng" whimsical LIVE concert DVD abundance flagship, grew ever learn version covers dance's 11-year cheng Lin, back to the original intention, performance artist was aims to be the most beautiful determination, for the filming for a state only pick out the most beautiful pictures, filming for seven hours, jump to legs black and green until they fall apart. Insist on not spring bed to present bouncing feeling of cheng Lin, filmed the photo, record companies not only will cheng Lin legs insured must risk, or even ask the kid crazes master to scene to massage and relieve muscle. From 11 years of cheng Lin xi zihu bank, ever also because of a knee injury and lumbar pain, suspend dancing 11 years, even to now, when the weather is cold lumbar knees are still can throbbing. Even, at last April 24 "whimsical" concert rehearsal of personal dance rehearsal, rainie doubled over after motion, also the whole people fell backward "jumped" a loud, hit the waist and neck, falling voice of giant terrified, all this exclusive slip through the lens, the picture is specially will include on rainie "decade have cheng" whimsical concert DVD.

But friends pig and pan wilber also cordiality rallied for cheng Lin recorded a "secret asvin" VCR, piglets DVD said: "she is the best actress in my heart forever." Reason is shanghai-style sweetheart, cooperation and dedication are serious rainie frighten him, among others, next play after, everyone at the party chats, cheng Lin bend silence, and suddenly, the emotion, burst into tears never before everybody cry cheng Lin, because give yourself too much pressure, deep afraid you didn't leave "he" role ChenBao ponder. Piggy looked at immediately comfort her, it also let pig to cheng Lin in performing career of serious and attentively sit up and take notice. But friends pan wilber and cheng Lin feelings like buddy, as in pan wilber DVD bold said: "even if the world only two of us, also won't have feelings occurs, human and thus become extinct ah!" The two friends cheng Lin's concert DVD appeared, also together bless their idea of the best actress "decade have cheng".https://www.manyrose.com。